Couples in Punta del Este

    Activities for couples in Punta del Este

    Summer time


    Picnic in the peninsula: Take a stroll along the seaside of the Mansa Beach and about 400 meters after the harbour you’ll find at your right hand a beautiful natural setting, where you can have a picnic 20 meters towards the sea. You’ll find tables and seats in the perfect spot for a romantic picnic with your loved one, where you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in Punta del Este.


    Isla Gorriti: Experience a special beach day in Isla Gorriti, natural reserve declared a World Heritage site. We suggest you leave in the morning in a boat that will take you to the island in 30 minutes from Punta del Este’ harbour. Enjoy having lunch in a natural setting, there are many restaurants you can choose from. Rest under the sun in “Honda” beach, a place filled with boats and yachts.


    Night Time: The seaside of Mansa Beach in the peninsula as well as the harbour area are excellent places to enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one, there you’ll find the finest restaurants in Punta del Este’s peninsula. Later visit one of the pubs located in the harbour where you’ll be able to taste delicious drinks, listen to good music and dance if you’d like.

    All year round:

    Cuisine: In Gorlero and the harbour area you’ll find many restaurants to choose from. Anything from the typical Uruguayan chivito to the most sophisticated dishes in relaxed settings along with a live music show.


    Take a walk down the peninsula: Walk round the peninsula of Punta del Este. Start by walking along the seaside of the Brava beach while enjoying the best view of the Atlantic ocean and finish the stroll with a sunset in the Mansa Beach that will delight you.


    Shopping in 20 street: Don’t miss the chance to shop in the main shopping area within the peninsula located in 20 street. There you’ll find the most famous international fashion and design brands.


    Visit Punta del Este’s Lighthouse: Punta del Este’s Lighthouse is located in the intersection of 10 and 5 streets , it is one of the most historic sites and a major attraction of the city. The lighthouse is located in a beautiful square, where Punta del Este’s meteorological station is located, and it is also a few meters away from “Iglesia de la Candelaria”, a beautiful church. Do climb it up and watch the whole peninsula from that perspective.