Family activities in Punta del este

    Family activities in Punta del Este

    Summer time


    Isla de Lobos: Isla de Lobos is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 12 kilometres off the coast and it’s the largest colony of sea lions in South America. The outing to the island takes two hours, you can take a dip with sea lions and it includes the boat ride that leaves every day from Punta del Este’s harbour.

    All year round


    Cuisine: Uruguayan cuisine is the result of the fusion of European cuisine, mainly Spanish and Italian, with local cuisine. Do try a typical Uruguayan chivito or crosscut ribs. Uruguay is famous world-wide for its “Asado a Las Brasas”, also called “Parrillada Uruguaya”. This is grilled beef, filet or shank mixed with: chorizo (spicy sausage), chinchulines (beef intestine), mollejas (sweetbread) and morcilla (blood sausage). In the peninsula of Punta del Este you’ll find both Fish and Shellfish restaurants, as well as top notch barbecue houses which will delight you with its aromas and awaken your appetite on the spot.

    lugares-para-visitar-punta-del-esteCraft Fair: Walk along Artigas square, the main square of the peninsula, commonly called Plaza de los Artesanos, since 1967 there’s a craft fair there. The square has about 200 stands where you can purchase souvenirs, crafts, jewellery and traditional products made in leather among other materials. In the vicinity of the stands there are spaces for plastic artists and cartoonists. On summer nights you can find jugglers or puppeteers. High season: 10 am to 2am, low season: 10 am to 5 pm.


    Take a stroll along Gorlero: Walk along the traditional Gorlero avenue and enjoy this wonderful mall which is famous in the history of the resort. End your stroll with an ice cream in Arlequino or tasting a drink at sunset in one of the beach bars of Mansa Beach.