Spa Hotel del Lago Punta del Este

    Relax in our Spa in Punta del Este


    fter an exciting day packed with emotions and activities in Punta del Este, Uruguay ,relax in our hotel’s great Spa. The professional staff at Spa Los Delfines (The Dolphins Spa) will pamper you with a variety of relaxing massages, facials and aromatherapy treatments. Before leaving, make sure to visit our sauna, Jacuzzi and roman baths, which are sure to

    leave you feeling refreshed. View our menu below to see which of the many spa treatments better suits your needs and wishes.

    Experience the peace and quiet of our relaxing Spa in Punta del Este where our guests can choose from a wide variety of Spa treatments in Punta del Este, including massages, facials and cosmetic dressings.

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    Dermo-esthetic treatments

    • Anti-age treatments as well as treatments for flaccidity, spots, cellulite, adiposity, stretch marks, acne and rosacea.
    • Mesotherapy
    • Peeling
    • Aromatherapy

    Other Services

    • Sauna
    • Roman Baths
    • Jacuzzi


    • Electro muscle stimulator


    Masaje relax, Descontracturante, Drenaje linfático 50 min U$S 60
    Masaje con Piedras Calientes 50 min U$S 50
    Masaje Sport con ultrasonido (pre-post tennis, golf) 30 min U$S 40
    Reflexología 40 min U$S 50
    Masaje Africano (cañas de bambú y manteca de cacao) 50 min U$S 60
    Half massage 30 min U$S 35

    Full-body treatments

    Fango terapia (exfoliación + fango) 60 min U$S 80
    Chocolaterapia (exfoliación + mascara chocolate + masaje) 90 min U$S 100
    Thai Vital (exfoliación + mascara de amatista + masaje Thai Herbal compress + piedras de amatistas) 80 min U$S 110
    Exfoliación 40 min U$S 60
    Té Verde / Green tea (reduce / celulitis – exfoliación + masaje + envoltura) 90 min U$S 100
    Tropical Blend (vela de masaje / candle massage) 80 min U$S 110
    Maderas de Oriente / Asian Woods 60 min U$S 60
    Orquídeas Deluxe / Orchids Deluxe 80 min U$S 110
    Reductor + Gym pasiva (pack 3 sesiones) 50 min U$S 130
    Termogénesis + ultrasonido + Gym pasiva (pack 3 sesiones) 60 min U$S 180
    Sesión de aparatología 30 min U$S 15

    Facial treatments

    Limpieza profunda con puntas de diamante 55 min U$S 90
    Hidratación 55 min U$S 90
    Real (2 sesiones: mascara oro + ampolla terapia shock) 110 min U$S 180
    Mini real (1 sesión) 55 min U$S 90
    Anti-Age 55 min U$S 100
    Reparación post solar 55 min U$S 100
    Revitalizante para hombres 55 min U$S 90