Suite Classic

    Family room in Punta del Este

    Suite Classic


    he opulence and character of the traditional English style are meant for classicism lovers. Our Suite Classic lovers have a feel of elegance set by its fine furnishings and delicate decoration. Our traditional English style suites were designed in order to please the most demanding guests and convey elegance in every detail. Spacious and comfortable family room in Punta del Este with living room and bedroom, dressing room, balcony and an outstanding view in a natural setting.

    Services and Amenities

    All rooms supply:

      • 50 m² (luxury room)
      • Living room and bedroom
      • Single and a half sofa bed
      • King size bed
      • Marble bathroom with bath tub
      • Plasma screen TV
      • Spacious dressing room
      • Desk
      • Balcony
      • Double window panes

    Maximum capacity: 2 adults + 2 children + 1 crib (children under 12 years free of charge) or 3 adults.



    Reasons for choosing this room:

    • Ideal for extended family stays: Comfortable suite with spacious bedroom and king size bed, independent living room with sofa bed and spacious dressing room.
    • Unique view: Spacious balcony with view of the yard and garden in a pure and natural setting
    • The fine olive wood furnishings and marqueterie details stand out even in such an elegant setting